Creative and Talented Lady Boomers – Does this sound like you?

  • Do you feel that you are hiding out from life?
  • Are you worried that getting older means slowing down?
  • Are you struggling to feel confident in your own body?
  • Have you tried diet and weight loss plans only to have the pounds you dropped come right back on?
  • Do you wish you could have more energy throughout the day?
  • Do you feel overwhelmed and confused by all the diet information out there?

Are you sick and tired of feeling this way?  Are you ready for a change?

You didn’t always feel this way.  Remember coming of age in the 60’s and 70’s?  You were on the cutting edge of everything happening in the world.  You didn’t follow the trends, you made them.  You felt exuberant and powerful.

How did you get from then to now?

Things started to change when you “settled down” and took on responsibilities. You threw your passion into raising children, having a career or both.  Trying to “have it all” was a series of juggling acts that often meant putting the needs of others first.  You became very good at it but it was exhausting.

Somewhere along the line you put yourself on the back burner. It wasn’t due to any conscious decision you made.  It just happened.

Now your children are growing up and you may have more time on your hands. You might be rethinking your options about working. You might want to do volunteer work, travel, start your own business or even go back to school.

Do you feel a little uncertain of how or what to do next?

Are you wondering if you are up to it?

Do you wish you could just turn back the clock?

If you’re ready to become a Vibrant Lady Boomer and live the life you’ve always dreamed of then please click here