My Approach

So what does it take to transform your life from pale to vibrant after 50?
It starts with joyfully and lovingly getting to know your self again.
Sure, there are quick fix anti-aging procedures that will change the way you look on the outside but they won’t rejuvenate you on the inside.

My strategies will provide you with sustainable lasting results that allow you to shine from the inside out.

I have created a 7- part signature system (outlined below) for helping lady boomers rejuvenate their lives.

Here are my secret ingredients to living a vibrant life:

  • Secret #1 – Replenish your body with the food you eat – I’ll show you how to develop a new, empowering relationship with food that will truly nourish your body’s changing needs and give you the energy to pursue life with gusto.
  • Secret #2 – Reshape your body – I’ll introduce you to the joy of “movement” and simple exercise techniques that will restore your figure and make you feel radiant.
  • Secret #3- Reclaim your youthful energy – True energy comes from connecting to your passions and living exuberantly. We’ll talk about how to feed your soul with things that don’t come on a plate.
  • Secret #4- Restore your inner glow – No matter what you eat and how much you exercise, nothing will make you feel good if you’re not getting enough rest and relaxation. R&R is nature’s secret to getting that glow back.
  • Secret #5- Reconnect with the world in a powerful way – Are your relationships intimate or superficial, inspiring or depleting? I’ll show you how to rekindle your relationships to help you feel connected with what matters most to you.
  • Secret #6 – Recreate your spirit through meaningful activities as well as play – Do you take the time to laugh every day? Having fun in life is one way to make your self truly feel alive (and you look amazing when you’re having fun!).
  • Secret #7- Re-balance your life – I’ll show you how to set empowering boundaries in a positive way. Learning when to say “yes” and how to say “no” is a key part of creating your dream life. It puts your priorities back on the front burner. No more saying “yes” to requests that just fill up time.

Are you ready to learn how you can transform your life?

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