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7 Simple Ways to Rediscover Your Wow Factor

Who wants to live a so-so life?   I don’t and I bet you don’t either.  Just because you turned 50 doesn’t mean you have to move over to the sidelines and settle for what life sends your way!

Do you remember when you expected and demanded to take center stage? You felt life was full of excitement and possibility.

You were sure of yourself and knew what you wanted. It was to lead a vibrant life living your passions and you wanted the whole world to know it.

I call that your WOW FACTOR and I want to help you rediscover it.  It’s easy and it’s fun.  

It’s about rediscovering your best and reinventing the rest!

That’s why I wrote my book… just for me and you!

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Here’s what some people are saying…

“Diane Horn’s “7 Simple Ways to Rediscover Your WOW Factor” contains great advice for anyone of any age (not just boomers) who wants to create a vibrant life following their passion, connecting with their life’s purpose, and having fun. All these suggestions leave one feeling positive, remembering your passions and purpose, and open to possibilities you might never have thought of.”

Becca Chopra, author of Balance Your Chakras, Balance Your Life


“Mrs. Horn has written with great wisdom. This little book stirs the imagination with engaging wit and intelligence. We all need to rediscover ourselves in an age where women are simply living longer. The author has clearly done her homework giving us so many thoughts and suggestions to vastly improve our way of thinking. So many of her ideas gave me a clearer reflection of myself and I woke the following morning simply wanting to read the 7 chapters all over again and then pass on all her wisdom to my closest friends.

A must have on your bookshelves.

Carol Hillman