A Personal Letter from Diane

Hi, I’m Diane Horn and I am a Certified Wellness Coach with over 25 years in the health field. I show smart and motivated lady boomers like you how to reclaim their youthful exuberance and power.

I have the same concerns you do.  Each time I reach a milestone birthday it seems there are new challenges.  When I turned 40 I had a dream that I woke up with my teeth on my pillow.  Luckily, that wasn’t the case.

When I turned 50 my body developed a new part, back fat. It wasn’t pretty and I couldn’t figure out where it came from. I immediately started researching all the latest diet and exercise plans in hopes of finding a miracle cure.

All of a sudden it seemed that every television and magazine ad was aimed at me.  If only I bought the latest and most expensive anti-aging product I would look 25 again. I ordered products I saw on infomercials believing every promise I heard.  I was too embarrassed to let my friends know I was doing this so I created a secret emergency stash, a mid-life first aid kit.

My hormones took me on a physical and emotional roller coaster ride at the same time my kids became teenagers. Dealing with hot flashes while teaching my son to parallel park was quite an adventure. I had always wanted to be the hip young mom my sons would want to hang out with.  That now seemed out of the question.

I didn’t like the person I was becoming, fearful and preoccupied with aging.  I felt powerless and wondered if this was the way the rest of my life would be. I felt I was becoming invisible. I kept brooding until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

Then I got angry. First at myself then at the popular culture that wanted me to resign myself to being old, out of shape and invisible (unless I used their products).

I decided I’d show them!  I signed up for the Avon 3-day 60 mile walk and had an amazing time training and raising money.  I then trained for the Marine Corps Marathon and really felt empowered after completing it.  At the same time I started tae kwon do lessons and earned my black belt.

What is most amazing to me is that younger people training along with me didn’t seem to see me as being old. They told me they wished their mother’s would be more like me.  I was shocked.

That started me thinking again about my back fat. Maybe there was some kind of training I could do to get my hormones (or lack of) under control.  My research showed me there was no quick fix. But, by changing my diet and lifestyle habits I could do a lot.

I enrolled in the Institute of Integrative Nutrition where I learned how eating the right foods could change my life.  I also learned that food isn’t the only part of life that provides nourishment.  I started looking at my life and making changes.

I now know that expressing your passions and living your dreams isn’t possible without first having your health.  Your Real Age is determined by your health and lifestyle habits.

Are you ready to take charge of yours?

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