Give your belly a midlife makeover

by Diane Horn on November 2, 2010

It’s always been bad enough having to contend with a belly on the front of your body, but why must it wrap around to the back when you hit midlife?  I think this is very unfair!

Abdominal crunches help but what good is having a six pack that is hidden underneath a “pooch”?

So, how do you get rid of this bulge?  It starts with the food you eat.  I know many women who have given up carbs in hopes of a flat stomach.  This is just a temporary “fix” that will only deplete your body of the healthy benefits from eating whole grains.

Don’t even think about eating non-fat prepared foods.  The extra salt and who knows what else that is added is also a terrible alternative.

  • eat whole foods that contain high amounts of fiber
  • if you cut out anything make it processed sugar
  • eat more green vegetables
  • drink more water and green tea
  • Stand up straight

These are some general recommendations that I will be writing about in more detail in future posts.

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