Happy New Year!

by Diane Horn on January 9, 2012

I am so happy to welcome 2012.

Did you know that it is a Leap Year?

I have huge expectations for it and I hope you do too.

New Year, New You?

This expression bothers me a little although it is easy to say and easy to remember.

What I’m not crazy about is that it implies there was an old you

that somehow wasn’t “good enough”.

So, I am exchanging this expression to “New Year, True You”!

I believe that what is wonderful and unique about you is always present and waiting for you to allow it to shine.

You just have to give yourself permission to express those parts of yourself that I call the “true you”.

Don’t Resolve to Change, Evolve to Change

Resolutions are often grand statements that promise a big win. The flip side of winning big

is losing big. Most people fall somewhere in between and there is no partial credit given for effort

I like the idea of making bite sized changes. These small achievable goals pave the way for big results and let you gain

confidence along the way.

Love Your Veggies!

We all know it is important to eat fruits and vegetables for our health. The trick is incorporating them into our meals.

How about some new ways, like drinking them?

If you have a high powered blender you can make delicious smoothies

using a combination of greens, fruit and juice.

Here is a recipe for a Healthy New Year Smoothie

Combine the following ingredients in a heavy duty blender

4 kale leaves
1 medium daikon radish
1 Tbsp maple syrup
1/8 Tsp cayenne pepper
1/2 cup apple juice
Juice of half a lemon
5 ice cubes

Drink up to your health!

Use this recipe as a template for designing your own smoothies. If it tastes a little spicy for you, try substituting celery, parsley or cilantro for the daikon radish and omit the cayenne pepper. You can also omit the maple syrup if it tastes too sweet for you.

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