Can Multi-tasking Make You Fat?

by Diane Horn on November 16, 2010

There are days when doing one thing at a time just doesn’t seem possible. We women invented multi-tasking after all.

Anyone who has tried talking on the phone while balancing a child on one hip, letting the dog out and answering someone’s “I can’t find my keys” at the same time knows what I mean.

Now what does any of this have to do with making us fat? Because we are so used to doing many things at once, eating has become just another activity to do along with others.

Try observing a group of people and chances are you will see many eating or holding a cup of coffee as they walk and talk on their cell phone at the same time. Food isn’t just “fast” it’s portable.

It seems our hands don’t like feeling empty anymore and that means our stomachs don’t like it either.

What about when we are home? If you are by yourself do you sit down at the table or stand up eating in front of the tv or at your computer? Do you even know what you usually do?

Here’s an experiment to try. See what your comfort level is doing only one thing at a time. Does it feel strange? Can you drive your car without the phone nearby? Do you have to have something in your hands at all times?


  1. Shaunna says:

    Awesome post Diane! You are right on task here. Multitasking absolutely can make you fat. Savor the flavor of the moment.

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