Do you live life on a dimmer switch?

by Diane Horn on January 31, 2011

Last week our electrical power went out due to a massive snow storm. Yes, people joined forces, neighbors helped each other out, we spent more time talking face to face instead of electronically. We even came up with some creative solutions. But, after a day or two the novelty wore off and when the power returned we felt a huge sense of gratitude. The world seemed warmer, brighter and more alive once again.

That got me thinking.

  • How many of us live our lives routinely on a “dimmer switch”?
  • Do you even know if you are living a 40watt life when it could be 100watts or more?
  • What would your life look like if you turned up your own personal power?

There are many things that can cause our own personal light bulb to diminish…. stress, low self-confidence, relationship woes, money problems and poor health to name a few. But, it is always our own choice whether we want to live a full wattage life or not!

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