It’s Only March and My Hair is Already Frizzy!

by Diane Horn on March 21, 2012

Here it is the first day of Spring and I am already wrestling with a problem usually reserved for June…frizzy hair. The battle between me, my hair and humidity has a very long history. I’m not going to go into it now. I’ll save it for a post dedicated to all of my hair woes.

I don’t know whether global warming is to blame for the onset of early frizz or if it’s just another manifestation of hormone havoc. It almost doesn’t matter because the result is still the same.

I washed and blew my hair dry as usual this morning and decided not to use any “product” on it. (Don’t you just love/hate that term?) Because some painters were coming over early I didn’t focus too much on it. I was just glad I was up and dressed when they arrived.

We were outside looking at paint colors on the house for about 15 minutes and I went back inside to get some coffee. I glanced into the hall mirror and almost screamed out loud. My “ok” hair was now anything but….flat on the top and sticking out in all directions. These are the tell signs that worse is yet to come. If you have long hair you can pull it back but if you have short hair to start with, by the time it frizzes it shrinks even shorter.

I’ve more or less made my peace with the various consequences of menopause. l exercise, eat pretty well, do crossword puzzles to keep my brain sharp, have hobbies, read, and try to keep up with social media,etc. I just didn’t realize my hair was going to be affected.

I have friends who say their hair has gotten thinner and I am ever so grateful that hasn’t happened to me (yet). I have friends who have lost their hair due to chemotherapy and they have handled it with grace and dignity. So, why am I whining about having frizzy hair?

It’s because it’s only March!




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