Yes, you can wear leggings after 50

by Diane Horn on June 24, 2011

I love sundresses and skirts in the summertime. I always have. Maybe it’s my inner 70’s girl speaking to me I can fondly remember all the maxi dresses I used to wear.

With that in mind I went shopping to look for something I could see myself living in.

What I found were dresses with plunging necklines or very skimpy tops that I just couldn’t fit in. Some had lots of gathered fabric at the top and no straps. I couldn’t tell if they were a dress or a skirt. I was told “either”. But for me they were a neither.

Just as I was starting to feel totally discouraged I saw this dress. Surprise, surprise, this wasn’t a dress at all, but a bathing suit cover-up! I grabbed it without even trying it on. I decided “this was the one” and I was going to make it work.

The neckline was still too low and the skirt too short but after playing around I came up with this ensemble…black capri leggings and a black exercise top underneath. I am good to go.

So, my message to you ladies who would love to wear the trends but can’t figure out how to is don’t get discouraged by what you see in the stores, check out other departments like cover-ups or lounge wear, and play outside the box.


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