Here’s what people are saying about Diane as a Speaker

“Many thanks for kicking off our personal development and wellness series. Since our talk I’ve been having some of my best days in the office. It’s amazing how much I’m getting done.  I’m looking for opportunities to practice all I’ve learned.”

Cynthia Phillips
Vice President of Operations, The Heart of America Foundation

“Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful expertise with our team. We truly enjoyed having you with us and helping guide us towards a more balanced life. Several people came into my office to say that you really made them think about how they look at things. Great outcome!”

Angie Halamandaris
President, The Heart of America Foundation

“Diane has a very positive and gentle way of letting you know that your eating habits can be changed just by taking a few small steps.  She helped me “reframe” my whole concept of exercise.  The tips she gave seem very doable.”

Joan McCurry
Holland & Knight Law Firm, Sr. Legal Secretary


“Wow! It was a privilege for me to hear you speak this evening at The Capital Dental Hygiene Study Club! A lot of food for thought! Your presentation left an imprint on me! I appreciate your words and wisdom! So grateful for the opportunity to meet you! Wow!”

Meryl Liss Goodman RDH


“I was so motivated by “Your Wow Factor”, at  the study club, last night. I immediately implemented some of your ideas and shared them with our patients. The first one was the 20:80 ratio, with noncomliant patients and I tied it in with the C- reactive protein levels and the rest of their health issues. They were very receptive.
So, thank you for the motivation and your fresh ideas.”

Linda Schatz RDH