Lady Boomers, Do You Remember the 70’s?

by Diane Horn on February 23, 2011

I sure do. I remember feeling very tall in my platform sandals and very trendy wearing hoop earrings. When the movie “Klute” came out in 1971 I desperately tried to copy Jane Fonda’s shag hair style.

There were so many great musical icons, many still performing today. Songs had lyrics that really told the story of a generation.

Of course the Vietnam War and draft were on everyone’s mind. One of my college professors at UCLA boycotted the war by refusing to teach that semester. He told us to send him a postcard with the grade we wanted.

Well they say if you wait long enough everything comes back into style and it appears thats the case with 70’s fashion.

Bell bottoms and flared leg pants are coming back into style. Remember those cork bottomed sandals by Cork-Ease? They’re still around and so are Famolare’s ( with the wavy soles).

So if you remember the 70’s take a moment and embrace your inner “hippie” (we all have one).

Please feel free to add your memories and comments.


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